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About Us

Kids with Backpacks

A Learning Environment Designed for Children

Erin Ridge Children’s Academy welcomes children to a unique early learning environment filled with joy, love and learning. At Erin Ridge Children’s Academy, we strive to provide high quality childcare programs.  We bring over 30 years’ experience in the child care industry in roles of caregiver, management and ownership. We look forward to serving the St. Albert community.


We believe that the impact of the environment during the first years of a child’s life lasts a lifetime, and that all children have an enormous potential which can only be developed in a loving, fun and positive environment. At our academy, we are committed to providing such an environment for every child in our classrooms through our caring teachers, low student teacher ratio, and personalized program that involves one on one time with each child. This allows children to develop their creativity and love of learning. Our program is geared towards providing the maximum opportunity for children to develop in all areas of growth; physical, social emotional, and intellectual. Erin Ridge Academy will provide a safe, nurturing environment for each child and act as a supplement to you by providing loving care and protection.

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